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Rolling Prairie District

Chautauqua County Fair - July 26-28, 2018


Fair Book

Premium Sale Information

It is required that youth wishing to sell animals in the Premium Sale at the fair this summer complete at least three educational events or livestock activities between August 1, 2016 and weigh-in at the fair. These may be Rolling Prairie livestock events, out of district spring shows and/or livestock judging contests, local club tours YQCA training, and other events. If you  are not sure if an event will count ask Jenny prior to attending to get verification. Also, it is your responsibility to notify the office what events you attended and/or participated in order to receive credit for them. Local club events or project meetings are not the only activities that were meant to count toward the requirement. We want you to attend both in and out of district events for the requirement.

To sell in the premium sale, animals must be of packer acceptable weight. The minimum weight for each species is:

  • Steers—1,050 pounds
  • Pigs—210 pounds
  • Lambs—90 pounds
  • Goats—50 pounds