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Rolling Prairie District

Market Livestock Spreadsheets

Use these to help you determine the weight of animal to purchase, etc.

Market Beef Weight Chart

Market Hog Weight Chart

Market Lamb Weight Chart

Market Goat Weight Chart

Market Livestock Information

YQCA Requirement
Members that wish to sell at the livestock premium sale, must meet the weight and ADG requirements of the species in which they are enrolled.  Also, they must be YQCA certified.  This means they must attend a YQCA meeting or complete an online course for YQCA.  Once the member completes the certification, they are to let Stephanie Bogdahn, Elk County Livestock Sale Committee Secretary/Treasurer know.  YQCA stands for Youth for Quality Care of Animals.

YQCA must be completed by July 1.

Market Livestock Weight Requirements

Market Beefminimum of 1050 lbs
Market Hogminimum of 220 lbs
Market Lambminimum of 100 lbs
Market Goatminimum of 60 lbs

Market Beef


Market Hog/Sheep/Goat