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Rolling Prairie District

4-H Events and Activities

Horse ID Paper Form Fillable (January 2020)

Horse ID Paper (January 2020)

Club Days

Favorite Food Show


Club Days

Speaking skillfully before an audience is one of the hallmarks that Kansas 4-H members have been successfully doing for over 100 years. Kansas youth through 4-H have learned the skills necessary to get up before an audience and eloquently speak. 4-H has helped youth learn the skills necessary to clearly organize and present thoughts and ideas through project talks, demonstrations, illustrated talks and public speaking presentations.

  • County 4-H Club Days will be February 26, 2022 at West Elk School
  • Regional 4-H Club Days will be March 26, 2022 at Madison

4-H Club Day Entry Form (Print out form to complete)

Entries via Google Form (Can be done online)

2022 Elk County 4-H Club Day Schedule

Club Day Guidelines

Club Day Event Scoresheets

Sr Interview Contest

4-H Club Day Presentation and Poster Tips

Gavel Games

Food Demonstration Tips

Basics of 4-H Club Day (from 2008)

Kansas 4-H Preparing and Using Visual Aids

Kansas 4-H Effective Presentation Tips

Favorite Food Show

The Favorite Food Show is an exhibit and contest to encourage 4-H members to learn about meal planning, food preparation and presentation. A "Favorite Food" is chosen, one the 4-H'er likes and likes to prepare. A menu is planned with the food and the table decor is coordinated. Foods chosen maybe main courses, desserts, snacks, breads, casseroles or other.

A recipe card and menu card should be displayed with the proper table setting. The 4-H'er will visit informally with the judge and tell how to prepare and serve the food, why they selected the table service  and dishes, why the centerpiece is appropriate. The 4-H'er should also know some of the nutritional value of the food and be able to discuss that with the judge.

Elk County Favorite Food Show is Tuesday, June 7, 9:00 a.m.

      • Favorite Food Show Entry Form and Information Sheet
      • Southeast Area Favorite Food Show