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Rolling Prairie District

Agriculture and Horticulture in the Rolling Prairie District

The Rolling Prairie District offices are your front door to the resources of Kansas State University. Through our office you can obtain information on livestock production, crop production, trees, turf, shrubs, insects, gardens, and other related topics. We also provide services such as insect identification, plant identification, and soil tests with fertilizer recommendations.

Brush & Weed Control Information

Leasing Information

2019 Rolling Prairie Extension District Lease Survey Summary

Kansas Agricultural Lease Law Publication (PDF File)

KSU Ag Manager Cropland and Pasture Rental Information

Soil Testing Information

How to Collect a Soil Sample

Soil Sample Price List

Agriculture Soil Sample Information Sheet

Vegetable Garden Soil Sample Information Sheet

Flowers Soil Sample Information Sheet

Lawns & Turf Soil Sample Information Sheet

What A Soil Test for Gardens Does Not Tell You

Agriculture and Horticulture Links

KSU Ag Manager

Kansas Crop Performance Tests

Herbicide Labels

Kansas Department of Agriculture

KSU Weather Data Library

By Product Feed Prices

Kansas Livestock Association

Kansas Farm Bureau

Fire Weather Information


Horticulture Information and Links


KSU Horticulture Information Center

Contact Information


Richard Fechter

Agriculture & Natural Resources Agent
620-374-2174 (Howard Office)
620-515-0149 (Cell)